About us

What is Khatar Design?

Khatar Design is a clothing brand based in the United States that uses the Persian culture for inspiration in its designs. With so much negativity surrounding our home country, Iran, we strive to use our origins to provide our customers with unique products that promote the Iranian culture.

What does “Khatar” mean?

The term “Khatar” which is written as “خطر” in Farsi directly translates to “Danger” in English.

Who owns Khatar Design?

Khatar Design is owned and operated entirely by two Iranian siblings currently residing in California. Our goal is to spread our origins beyond the borders of our home country, Iran.

How and when was Khatar Design born?

The idea to start a clothing brand was first discussed amongst us in July 2017. We decided to call our clothing brand Khatar Design and embed the dangers of smoking into our brand, hence the Lips n’ Cig Collection - more on that later! We did the original photography for the Lips n’ Cig logo in Iran. The Khatar logo was handwritten by a professional calligraphist in Iran and is widely used in our products today!

Have a look at these original images:

One of the most difficult decisions we had to make when starting out was which Khatar logo to choose to represent our brand. Looking back we could not be any happier with our decision!

Upon returning to Canada that year, we decided it was not the best time to launch Khatar Design because to us it was not as much about doing it as it was about doing it right. Fast forward 3 years and we feel that now is the time to turn our ideas into reality, which is what has brought you to read this today!

What is the purpose behind Khatar Design?

As two young siblings concerned about their father’s health (he is a smoker), we felt that there had to be more purpose behind our clothing brand than to bring yet another clothing store to the market. We wanted to highlight and convey the dangers of smoking through our brand. This is how the Lips n’ Cig Collection was born.

We came to the decision to donate a portion of the proceeds from every product in the Lips n’ Cig Collection to a charity that supports individuals suffering from cancer.

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